First Visit

First Visit

Prepare for Your Child’s First Visit at Our Friendly Dental Office in Greenville, SC

A child’s first dental visit can be exciting and fun, however, the new experience can also be frightening and overwhelming. Eastside Pediatric Dentistry strives to make your child as comfortable as possible. Our office provides a playful demeanor as well as an open-door policy that allow you to remain in the room with your child during their visit. Our staff is prepared to give you the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns.

Helpful Tips for a Great First Visit:

You can also help make your child’s dental experience a success by preparing them for their visit. Explain to your child that the dentist is someone who wants to help keep them healthy. Find a way to make the trip to the dentist as an adventure so it will be remembered as a positive experience.

Never use the dentist as a threat (i.e.-“if you don’t behave, the dentist will give you a shot”). These comments prevent a healthy dentist-patient relationship and create a lack of trust. Avoid using words such as “drill”, “needle”, “shot”, etc.

Instead, use helpful words that the dentist will use when speaking with your child, such as “spin brush” or “sleepy juice for your tooth”. Talk to them about prizes and stickers for good behavior.

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Your children’s dental health is extremely important and your child’s dental visit should be a positive experience. Eastside Pediatric Dentistry is a pediatric dental office located in Greenville, SC, established by the experienced pediatric dentist, Dr. Glenn Head. Our dedicated and friendly staff looks forward to making your child’s dental experience fun yet comfortable.